About me

My name is Petra. I’m from the Netherlands and my professional background lies in Graphic Design.

The inspiration for this book came from my son, Benjamin. Whilst on an extended road trip, the back seat of the car was littered with many different types of children’s books. He suggested that, instead of bringing along so many different books, it would be much handier to only bring one book. One book, that would encompass various aspects of reading, learning, entertainment, games and fun, and thus, the idea of My Edutainment Book was born.

My book is meant for children to bond with family and friends in joint activities. It is mainly aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old, but can of course be used by children of all ages! It includes many thought provoking questions, provides meaningful information, stimulates drawings and teaches new games. Students from Dulwich College (Singapore) and the Hollandse School in Singapore wrote beautiful short stories for this book, encouraging children to read and learn about other countries and cultures.

I wrote and created this book, to inspire children to read, be active and inquisitive. This book covers a wide range of learning topics, enticing children to actively have fun and to start conversations with others. I hope to encourage creativity in children, showing them there is much fun to be had without being glued to a screen.

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About me